I'm searching for a non-slip mat. What do you recommend?

All our mats are designed to be non-slip, which are specifically designed to provide exceptional grip and stability.


What is the difference between the Infinity and Flow mat?

Flow mat is made from TPE (a synthetic material), which is entirely recyclable and a cost-effective option for someone just starting out and unsure whether yoga is right for them. Someone with Latex Allergy, for example, might opt for the TPE mat.

The Infinity Mat is made from Natural Tree Rubber, with a transparent supply chain, and is a great option for someone who is committed and already loves yoga!

The Flow Mat is designed with beginners in mind. It's extra-thick at 6mm, providing ample cushioning, which is particularly useful during your initial yoga journey. The textured mandala pattern on the top adds aesthetic appeal and aids in alignment during poses. It's responsive to both wet and dry grip, with its efficiency improving as you sweat. It's great for general exercise and yoga, including hot yoga, Bikram, and pilates.

On the other hand, the Infinity Mat is suitable for all yogis and workout warriors, not just beginners. It features unique, laser-cut or printed patterns that aids in pose alignments and offers excellent grip. It's super-absorbent and ultra-grippy surface means you don't need an additional towel. The Infinity Mat also provides the right amount of cushion to protect your joints, and its superior grip is effective whether the mat is wet or dry.


What makes the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat unique?

The YDL Infinity Yoga Mat is a high-performance, super-absorbent, and ultra-grippy mat designed for all types of yoga. Its patterns assist in effortless pose alignment while providing unmatched grip.


Is the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat suitable for all yoga styles?

Yes, the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat is ideal for all yoga and fitness practices. It offers just the right amount of cushioning to protect your knees, spine, and joints, making it suitable for various yoga styles and exercises.


Does the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat require a towel during practice?

No, the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat eliminates the need for a towel. It is designed to be super-absorbent, ensuring a reliable grip without the hassle of additional accessories.


What are the composition materials of the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat?

The components of the Infinity Yoga Mat include a base layer made from 100% natural tree rubber and a top layer made from polyurethane (PU).  Overall, the composition of the mat is 80% natural rubber and 20% PU. The PU layer is heat bonded to the rubber substrate.


Is the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat environmentally friendly?

The PU layer of the mat is recyclable, subject to confirmation by your local authority. Additionally, the natural rubber used in the mat is biodegradable and recyclable, making it a sustainable choice.


How should I clean my YDL Infinity Yoga Mat?

To clean the mat, wipe it down with a soft towel dampened with soap and water. It is important to note that machine washing is not recommended.


How should I dry my YDL Infinity Yoga Mat?

After cleaning, allow the mat to fully air dry by laying it flat or hanging it away from direct sunlight. This ensures proper drying and helps maintain the mat's quality.


How should I roll my YDL Infinity Yoga Mat for storage?

Roll the mat with the patterned side facing outwards. This way, the mat stays protected and ready for your next yoga session.  It also ensures that the mat does not curl up when unrolled for your yoga practice.


Can I use body lotions, creams, or oils before using the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat?

It is advisable to avoid using body lotions, creams, and oils before practicing on the mat as these can stain your mat.


What are the weight and dimensions of the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat?

The YDL Infinity Yoga Mat is available in two variations: 5 mm thickness, weighing 6.2 lb (2.8 kg), and 3 mm thickness, weighing 4.2 lb (1.9 kg). Both variations measure 71" (180 cm) in length and 24" (61 cm) in width.


Is the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat suitable for Pilates and general fitness exercises?

Yes, the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat's superior grip and cushioning make it an excellent choice for Pilates and general fitness exercises. It provides the support and stability needed for a wide range of workouts.


Can the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat be used effectively even when wet?

Yes, the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat offers superior grip, whether wet or dry. Its anti-slip properties ensure stability and safety during your practice, even in humid or sweaty conditions.


Does the YDL Infinity Yoga Mat come with any additional accessories?

The YDL Infinity Yoga Mat is sold with a carrying strap.