By joining the Yoga Design Lab (YDL) Affiliate Program ("Program"), you consent to the terms and guidelines detailed in this Contract ("Contract"). This forms a legal understanding between you and Yoga Design Lab, Inc. By completing the online registration, you are confirming that you have reviewed and comprehend the Agreement's Terms and Conditions, and upon Yoga Design Lab's acceptance of your application, you are bound by the Contract.

Your involvement in the Program is strictly to promote YDL and earn a commission from sales through your referrals.

Your relationship with the Program commences when Yoga Design Lab accepts you and concludes when your affiliation is ceased.

YDL retains the right to alter the Program or this Contract at any time without prior notification. If you find any modifications unacceptable, your sole option is to end your participation. Continued involvement signifies your agreement to these changes.

Either you or Yoga Design Lab can halt or conclude your involvement at any time for any reason. You are entitled to commissions only while you adhere to this Contract during your participation.


To be eligible for the YDL Affiliate Program, applicants must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Operate a reputable website or social media platform free of explicit content, hate speech, or any form of discrimination.
  3. Have an active and engaged audience on one or more major social media platforms, with content relevant to YDL's products and brand philosophy.
  4. Comply with all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and regulations, including those related to advertising and marketing.



As a Yoga Design Lab affiliate, you are expected to:

  1. Provide Consistent Promotion: Post a minimum of one unique post per month on your main platform, highlighting YDL's products, ethos, or any ongoing promotions.
  2. Produce Engaging Content: Create at least one reel, story, or video content bi-monthly, showcasing YDL products in use or unboxing experiences.
  3. Ensure Brand Alignment:  All content produced aligns with Yoga Design Lab's brand values, aesthetic, and messaging guidelines. Use of brand-provided Assets is encouraged.
  4. Promote Active Engagement: Engage with your audience regarding YDL through comments, direct messages, and other relevant mediums to foster community and drive interest.
  5. Provide Transparent Disclosure: Clearly disclose your affiliate relationship with Yoga Design Lab in all posts and promotions, adhering to FTC guidelines and any other relevant advertising standards.
  6. Participate in Performance Reviews: Participate in quarterly reviews to discuss performance metrics, feedback, and any support needed to optimize the affiliate partnership.
  7. Stay Updated: Regularly check in with Yoga Design Lab's affiliate updates via the GoAffPro platform or other communication channels provided to stay informed about product launches, promotions, and other relevant information.


Failure to meet the above expectations may result in a re-evaluation of your affiliate status and potential termination from the Program.


Communication Channels

  1. Primary Contact: Affiliates should reach out to for any queries, concerns, or feedback. The preferred mode of communication is email.
  2. Regular Updates: YDL will send monthly newsletters and updates on products, promotions, and any changes to the Program. Ensure you have whitelisted our email to receive them.
  3. Feedback: Please use the designated feedback form provided upon joining to offer insights or suggestions about our products or  Program.
  4. Emergency Contacts: For urgent issues or immediate assistance, reach out via email at


Performance Metrics

  1. Monthly Tracking: Affiliates are expected to maintain a minimum traffic to their affiliate links using their promotional activities.
  2. Quarterly Review: Performance will be reviewed quarterly. Affiliates consistently underperforming for two consecutive quarters may be reconsidered for program participation.
  3. Engagement Metrics: Regularly monitor and report the engagement rate, especially for video content or reels, with a minimum expectation of 5% engagement.


Payment Structure & Details

  1. Payment Method: All payments will be made via PayPal. Affiliates must ensure they have a valid PayPal account and provide the correct email associated with that account.
  2. Payment Frequency: Commissions are calculated after a 30 day hold time. Payment terms for the affiliates is 30 days post hold time (or end of the current month).
  3. Minimum Threshold: A minimum of $50 in earned commissions is required for payout. If the commission earned is below this threshold, it will be rolled over to the next month.
  4. Payment Breakdown: Each payment will be accompanied by a detailed statement breaking down commissions earned from sales, bonuses, or any other incentives.
  5. Deductions: Commissions paid on product that has, subsequently, been returned will be deducted from the next payout.
  6. Fees: Any transaction fees charged by PayPal will be borne by the affiliate. 



Usage of Promotional Material

  1. Provision: Yoga Design Lab will provide banners, product images, videos, and other promotional materials. These should be used as provided without any modifications.
  2. Modification Requests: If there is a need to modify or customize any promotional material, please submit a request to our team for approval.
  3. Asset Updates: Always check the affiliate dashboard or communication updates for the latest promotional materials or any changes to existing assets.
  4. Misrepresentation: Avoid making false or exaggerated claims about the products when using the provided materials. Ensure authenticity and transparency in promotions.



Your referrals will be credited to you via a unique tracking code in your affiliate links.

Yoga Design Lab employs the GoAffPro affiliate monitoring system. When a referral accesses your link, GoAffPro establishes a cookie in their browser containing your code. It also records data like the referral's IP address along with your tracking code. When a referral buys a Yoga Design Lab product, a script searches for this cookie or matches the IP address to attribute the sale to you. The cookie is maintained for 30 days.  If a purchase is made more than 30 days after the cookie is established, then you will not be credited with the sale.


Yoga Design Lab can deny service to any referral.



You'll be compensated for sales made by your referrals based on the outlined payment structure.


To calculate and record sales and owed commissions, Yoga Design Lab utilizes the GoAffPro affiliate monitoring system. Through GoAffPro, you can access the details used to determine your commissions.


Yoga Design Lab can adjust commission rates at its discretion.


There is no ceiling on commissions.



Yoga Design Lab has the authority to reverse transactions for reasons including cancellations, return of goods, disputed charges, or breach of the terms herein.


If any suspicious activity requires clarification, your prompt and truthful response is anticipated. Failure to comply, provide accurate information, or furnish proof of your traffic source may lead to suspension, reversed transactions, altered commissions, or termination from the Program.



The resources, products, and creative inputs ("Assets") from Yoga Design Lab, including your unique tracking code, are integral to the Program.


Yoga Design Lab provides you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license ("License") for these Assets under this Contract. The License ends when you exit the Program or upon termination of this Contract.


You're obligated to:

  1. Preserve the integrity of the Assets' tracking.
  2. Use Assets in their original form unless given explicit permission by Yoga Design Lab.
  3. Use Assets solely to promote Yoga Design Lab and its offerings.
  4. Acknowledge Yoga Design Lab's complete rights to the Assets and any associated intellectual property.
  5. Refrain from asserting any ownership of the Assets or related intellectual property.
  6. Obtain permission before distributing any promotional content related to Yoga Design Lab.



You cannot send commercial emails relating to the Yoga Design Lab affiliate program that violate the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.


Any compensation connected to such emails may be retained or cancelled by Yoga Design Lab.


Transactional or relationship messages, as defined by the Act, are permissible.


Social Media

Promotions on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other forums are allowed with these conditions:

  1. Your affiliate links on your own profiles are permitted.
  2. Posting your links on Yoga Design Lab's social media pages is forbidden.



Acquisition of keywords, domain names, or any identifiers associated with "Yoga Design Lab" or its products/services, including any variants or misspellings, is prohibited.



This Contract doesn't establish any employment, agency, or partnership between you and Yoga Design Lab. Your services are as an independent affiliate. You lack the authority to commit Yoga Design Lab to any agreements.


You are responsible for any taxes from the commissions you earn.  YDL is not responsible for paying any taxes on the commissions you earn.


You must clearly disclose if links on your site are part of our affiliate program.


Prohibited Claims

Avoid asserting that Yoga Design Lab's offerings can diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.



Yoga Design Lab provides no guarantees regarding the Program.


You must guarantee:

  1. Your authority is to be bound by this Contract.
  2. Your site's content adheres to all legal standards.
  3. All content on your website/Social Pages respects intellectual property rights.



Affiliate agrees to indemnify and hold YDL, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, expenses, and costs (including attorneys' fees and court costs) (collectively, "Claims") arising out of or related to:

  1. Any breach of this Agreement by Affiliate, including but not limited to any violation of the terms and conditions herein;
  2. Any content, products, or services offered or promoted by Affiliate, including any claims for infringement of intellectual property rights, defamation, or violation of rights of publicity or privacy;
  3. Any actions or omissions of Affiliate in connection with its promotion of Yoga Design Lab's products or services;
  4. Any disputes or claims between Affiliate and any third party, including customers referred by Affiliate; or
  5. Any other acts or omissions by Affiliate in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.



Information you acquire due to your affiliation with Yoga Design Lab that is not public knowledge is deemed confidential. Without prior permission from Yoga Design Lab, you cannot disclose any such details unless required by law.



Yoga Design Lab is not accountable for any profit losses or any other associated costs arising from any disruptions, termination of this Contract, or any misuse of Assets.